Electric Furnace, High Electric bills? Read This Post!!

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We are receiving several tech calls for High Electric bills in the summer and wanted to remind people that have an electric furnace to remember to check your furnaces Sequencer!! The sequencer when it get old will stick and hold the contact in making the furnace draw Electricity to the heat elements, So you could be heating and cooling at the same time.  If you have: 

High Electric bills when your not heating your home.

Furnace is warm to the touch.

Hear clicking in the furnace when the furnace is not operating

See an amp draw with the electric test meter 

see lights in home blinking like high voltage kicking on

These are some of the things that are red flags to make you check your sequencer on your electric furnace 

A lot of time when the sequencer fails it welds the contacts together and the electricity will stay turned on to one or more heating elements in your furnace, and without the home owner knowing it is using and wasting electricity, Please check and change your sequencer if you observe any problems. 

An HVAC sequencer is a small circuit designed to help stabilize circuits and turn switches on and off quickly in an electrical setting. The sequencers are designed to stage the different parts of the electrical equipment so that the appliance does not over load and break the circuits. Many products use the HVAC sequencers to keep engines and other mechanical devices from overheating

Let us know if you have any questions! 


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