HVAC DeVries Family History

HVAC DeVries Family History

The roots of DeVries family involvement in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) trace back to the innovative spirit of two young Swedish students at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology in 1922. These students, driven by a daring idea, succeeded in creating the first absorption fridge—a refrigeration breakthrough that even captured the admiration of Albert Einstein. This marked the beginning of modern refrigeration, with Dometic emerging as pioneers in the field, continuing to serve millions worldwide.

In 1910, Arthur DeVries immigrated to the US from Holland with his family, settling in South Dakota. Saving enough to pursue education, he attended the Frigidaire factory in Detroit, MI, in 1920 to study refrigeration. Upon graduating, Arthur returned to Huron, SD, and established Art’s Sales and Service, specializing in selling Frigidaire refrigerators.

Arthur's passion for learning and advancing heating and cooling technologies led him to collaborate with General Electric engineers in 1932 to create the first automated coal furnace. This breakthrough eliminated the hassle of shoveling coal, un-jamming augers, and ash removal. In 1934, he expanded his offerings to include oil-fired furnaces, bringing the convenience of full automation.

As Arthur made strides in heating and cooling advancements in the 1940s and 1950s, he received requests from local butcher shops for refrigeration solutions. This led to the installation of numerous meat lockers, enhancing the longevity of refrigerated meat and eliminating the need for ice hauling.

The 1950s witnessed Arthur and his son building the first coin-operated laundry mat, diversifying their HVAC legacy. Grandfather and father collaborated on various projects, from oil furnaces to walk-in coolers, even extending to automotive air conditioning charges.

The third generation, Darin DeVries, proudly carries on the family's HVAC legacy. Graduating in 1987, Darin entered the industry by servicing oil fuel customers. Over the years, he achieved numerous certifications, including high-pressure steam boiler, geothermal heating and cooling, and Nordyne Technical Service Adviser (TSA).

Darin's journey continued with managerial roles at Dakota Supply Group, where he played a key role in establishing HVAC purchasing for 32 stores in 5 states. In 2015, he purchased an HVAC and RV parts business, bringing these products online. Today, Darin owns several e-commerce businesses, with www.colemanhvacparts.com as a flagship store.

This family's HVAC journey, spanning over 95 years, showcases a legacy of dedication, innovation, and a profound love for providing comfort to homes and businesses. Darin DeVries, the torchbearer of this legacy, continues to serve customers with a commitment to excellence in HVAC products.


Some of my accomplishments are: 

1989 - Flannery Oil servicing oil fuel customers, changing nozzles hauling fuel.

1994 - St. Luke’s Hospital, High pressure steam boiler certification, Kewanee school, 1000HP high pressure oil and gas boilers, lithium bromide absorption chiller certification and Trane centrifugal chiller certification. 

2004 - I went to school for Geothermal and received my IGSHPA - 
International Ground Source Heat Pump Association certification I worked with many building engineers to bring geothermal heating and cooling to many commercial buildings and houses in South Dakota 

2008 - While working for Dakota Supply Group as the HVAC department manager I took several trips to Nordyne to become TSA certified (Technical Service Adviser) for Nordyne equipment and advanced up the ladder at DSG to become the first HVAC Purchasing employee for 32 stores in 5 states. 

2015 - I bought a HVAC business and RV parts business and started putting all the products online. 

2020 - Today I own several online e-commerce businesses selling HVAC parts for Coleman, Nordyne, and Dometic my main stores can be found on the web at www.colemanhvacparts.com   

The Love and comfort of HVAC from our family to yours. 

Darin DeVries