HVAC DeVries Family History

HVAC DeVries Family History

Refrigeration was founded on a crazy idea. Two young Swedish students at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology decided to create a cooling effect by using heat and without moving parts. After many months of trial and error, they finally succeeded. The modern refrigerator was born. That was in 1922, and even the great Albert Einstein was impressed. In fact, he was so inspired he invented a refrigerator of his own together with a former student. This was the start of what we know now as modern refrigeration. Even today, almost a century after the two students built the first absorption fridge, Dometic is still pioneers in the field. Millions of people around the world buy and use refrigeration products in many ways around the home, office, and camping

in 1910 Arthur DeVries came to the US from Holland with his family and settled in South Dakota and farmed up until he saved enough money to go to school in 1920 at the Frigidaire factory in Detroit MI to learn about refrigeration. After graduating he returned to Huron, SD where he opened up shop (Art’s Sales and Service) selling Frigidaire refrigerators.

He was always learning and going to factories to learn about heating and cooling products around 1932 he worked with General Electric engineers to make the first automated coal furnace, I remember him talking about the old octopus coal furnace in the basement and the coal auger would get a clinker in it and it would jam up. He installed many automated coal augers in furnaces as a luxury to keep the furnace burning without the hassle of shoveling coal in the furnace, in 1934 adding to his lineup was the oil fired furnaces, the ease and comfort of full automation no shoveling coal, un-jamming augers and hauling out the ash just good HOT heat and many oil burners were added right to the coal furnace, it came as a kit an oil burner and a thermostat. 

As he started making progress (40's 50's) in heating and cooling comfort around town he started to get calls from the local butcher shops and installed many meat lockers to keep the meat refrigerated so it would last longer and the meat locker would save money and time hauling ice to keep meat cold. Art installed many meat lockers around South Dakota. 

GE and Frigidaire came out with a commercial ice maker and he soon was back at the factory learning how to install and repair the Ice machines, I remember going as a kid with my grandfather to the local bar and watching him work on the ice machine it would have running water running down a flat cold plate 45 degree angle and it made a flat sheet of ice, once the sheet of ice was built it would slide the sheet of ice down on hot wires that would cut the ice into square cubes then they would fall into a bin.  

My father joined in helping grandpa do furnace installs and together in the 50's they built the first coin operated laundry mat. I have a lot of fond memories with grandpa and Dad working on heating and cooling equipment, from oil furnaces, to walk in coolers and even cars that needed a freon AC charge. 

I am proud to say that I am the 3rd generation to carry on the heating and cooling legacy in our family, My grandfather Art DeVries was one of the first class members to graduate 1925 at the Frigidaire School and today we are still serving the public with HVAC products in the USA, 95 years of dedication! I guess you can say HVAC is in my blood! 

Some of my accomplishments are: 

1989 - Flannery Oil servicing oil fuel customers, changing nozzles hauling fuel.

1994 - St. Luke’s Hospital, High pressure steam boiler certification, Kewanee school, 1000HP high pressure oil and gas boilers, lithium bromide absorption chiller certification and Trane centrifugal chiller certification. 

2004 - I went to school for Geothermal and received my IGSHPA - 
International Ground Source Heat Pump Association certification I worked with many building engineers to bring geothermal heating and cooling to many commercial buildings and houses in South Dakota 

2008 - While working for Dakota Supply Group as the HVAC department manager I took several trips to Nordyne to become TSA certified (Technical Service Adviser) for Nordyne equipment and advanced up the ladder at DSG to become the first HVAC Purchasing employee for 32 stores in 5 states. 

2015 - I bought a HVAC business and RV parts business and started putting all the products online. 

2020 - Today I own several online e-commerce businesses selling HVAC parts for Coleman, Nordyne, and Dometic my main stores can be found on the web at www.colemanhvacparts.com   

The Love and comfort of HVAC from our family to yours. 

Darin DeVries