Free Troubleshooting with Qualified Order

Troubleshooting by email is free. Start by sending make and model number along with a brief description of the problem to  Sending pictures helps a lot!  

In the essence of saving you time, please know the following before calling:

  • Make & model number of your unit (SUPER IMPORTANT!)  If you are unable to find or read the label, then we still may be able to help you but it may take longer.
  • If you know which part you need to replace, we may need to know any information printed on the part.  In some cases we may need to know sizes and dimensions, especially if calling about older units. 
  • If your unit has a circuit control board, it probably has a flashing light telling you what may be wrong with the unit.  We need to know which light is flashing (if more than one), how many flashes, and what that flash code  means by looking at the label on your furnace. 
  • Having a meter and knowing how to use it is a plus but not always required.

Our technician may not be able to solve your problem, or they may need to do some research and call you back.  If research is extensive, an additional charge may be required which the technician would mention before doing the research.  If the problem is beyond the scope of our knowledge, we will inform you of that and ask you to call someone else.  We specialize in Coleman, Revolv, Nordyne, Intertherm, Duo-Therm & Goodman, but we have knowledge of other brands as well.

Our technician's help is NOT guaranteed to fix your furnace. Our technicians are not standing in front of your furnace or a/c unit and we are simply relying on information you are feeding back to us.  Something may be missed.  The customer makes the final decision to buy the parts. You also agree that we are not liable for any harm or damage to you or your equipment by you accepting our help or buying our parts. 

Our technicians also reserve the right to refuse help to anyone.  If we feel by talking to you that you are unable to comprehend our instructions and we feel you will put yourself in danger, we reserve the right to end the phone call by saying please call in a professional.