Shipping Info

Updated 3/25/21 **UPDATE - We will no longer be able to replace shipments due to THEFT (ie. "Porch Pirates") once marked as delivered by the shipping carrier. Please watch your tracking information closely and be available to take delivery of your package in a timely manner. UPS uses GPS tracking where the product was dropped**

We do not ship SOME products to Canada or outside the USA!!! 

ALL Orders Received by 11:00AM Mountain Time Monday - Friday  will be shipped out that day. Exception of special order and special build products. 

NOTE: If you have a tracking number it has left our warehouse we have no way of speeding up your order, we do not own the USPS! When picking the shipping option and is says 2 to 3 day delivery that is an estimate from the postal service that is not a guarantee delivery please plan accordingly. 

Similar to the estimated shipping date, the estimated delivery date is when a customer can reasonably expect the order to arrive. For shipping methods that are not guaranteed, this date may actually be a window of days.

It may be established once an order is in the carrier’s hands (at which point it may also change). Shipping delays happen for a variety of reasons, but this estimate helps the customer plan for it.

Cut off time - Every company has a cut off time, the cut off time is the last call for the time it takes to get the order packaged and then off to shipping to get a shipping label. For example if cut off time is 11am and you order at 11:01 chances are your product will wait for the next day, If that's a Friday that means your product just got delayed by 2 days! Until Monday to get it shipped. 

Processing Time is when a package goes through a headquarters computer to the warehouse to package and then to the shipping department to put a shipping label on it to wait for the shipping service to pick up (normally at the end of day). 

Shipping Time is the actual traveling in between the warehouse and the handling of the package outside of the company.on the USPS truck. 

BOTTOM LINE If you need your product the NEXT DAY or 2nd Day then PAY the extra $100 bucks for guaranteed service! 

We use USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day That is a estamate from the postal service NOT A GAURENTEE so again if you need it quick dont rely on USPS just pay the extra money to gauntee it will get you when you need it.SHIP UPS OVERNIGHT,

USPS has been knowen to have issues keeping the package moving so keep an eye on your package everyday if it doesnt move let us know we can reach out to the USPS to check on ETA or file a lost package claim. 


Below is a list of the holidays. Mail will not be delivered or sent on these days so plan accordingly. It is very important to pay close attention to the information below because many of the days that you might expect the USPS to be closed or open aren't always as you expect. Feel free to use this 2023 USPS holiday quick reference guide or calendars at the bottom of the page. The last thing you want is to expect the mailman to drop off an important package only to find out it is a post office holiday.



FASTER SHIPPING: Overnight, 2-day and ground shipping options are also available.  Weekends and holidays are not included when factoring shipping time.  For example, if you place a 2-day shipment on a Friday, it will arrive at your address on Tuesday assuming Monday was not a holiday, then it would arrive on Wednesday.  The same goes for Overnight shipping If you place your order on Friday after the 11AM cut off time it will go out Monday for Tuesday delivery. UPS picks up at our door around 2pm M-F so we need time to package! Gray area if we see and order print after cut off time and we have time to package before UPS or USPS gets to our door we will do everything in our power to get it out the door that day.

SHIPPING REFUNDS: Shipping rates are only refunded if the carrier (UPS or USPS) admit they are at fault.  Refunds are NEVER granted for WEATHER DELAY incurred anywhere during and along the route.  Keep in mind that overnight Priority Express by USPS may be cheaper but typically does not include overnight delivery to most rural areas. 

CHANGING SHIPPING OPTIONS: We reserve the right to change the delivery method if we feel another method will get you your order quicker and at the same or less cost.  Normally but not always we will contact you first before making this change.  If we are unable to contact you, we will make the best decision we can to get your order shipped in a timely manner.   For example, Priority Mail tends to be a quicker option during Christmas week and New Years week because the mail works more days.  Sometimes customers pay for overnight or 2-day delivery on orders, and we discover that we could ship from a warehouse that typically delivers in one or two days to you by ground shipping.  In that case we may change your order to ground shipping and refund you the difference in price.  We're all about trying to save you money and time.

WHERE WE SHIP FROM: Items are typically shipped from our main warehouse in Yuma AZ.  We also ship items from warehouses in Minnesota, Ohio, North Dakota and sometimes direct from manufacturers if they can get you your order quicker than our regular warehouses.  Our goal is to get you your order as efficiently and cost effectively as possible 

HOW WE SHIP:  We ship orders by USPS (post office) and UPS (United Parcel Service).  We also ship orders by Speedee which is a package delivery company that serves the upper midwest.  Typically if you pick UPS and we can ship to you by Speedee, we will switch your order for delivery by Speedee.

INTERNATIONAL:  We ship all orders outside of the US by post office (USPS).  The customer is responsible for paying any duties, fees and brokerage costs upon delivery.  Typically the post office does not charge brokerage costs to some countries, but UPS does charge brokerage costs to all countries so we only ship UPS if insisted by the customer. Please email us not all Items can be shipped outside the USA 

INSURANCE: Orders up to $100.00 shipped within the continental United States are shipped insured. If you item is stolen or damaged, we will send a replacement at no cost to you. This does not apply to orders shipped outside the United States. If the item is valued over $100.00 and you would like to insure the difference please contact us.

RETURNS AND EXCHANGES: Uninstalled items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days.  Shipping will NOT be refunded on these items. Customer must pay shipping to return any uninstalled items.  

WE SHIP QUICK: We try our best to ship all orders the day you place the order if we receive the order by 11am.  This of course does not include weekends and holidays.  If an item is on backorder and cannot be shipped by the next business day, we will contact you. 

For questions on Shipping please email us at