Checkout Policy Fraudulent Orders

We no longer ship orders that are flaged as fradulent Shopify’s fraud analysis helps identify orders that could be fraudulent. Review high-risk orders to avoid potential chargebacks.Credit card companies can reverse funds for stolen cards after orders are fulfilled. Shopify helps you to gather evidence for any disputed charges.Fraud recommendations are powered by machine learning algorithms that are trained on historical transactions across all Shopify stores. The recommendations give you the benefit of years of fraud detection experience. Shopify continuously improves these algorithms to better identify fraudulent orders.

If an order is at a high risk of fraud, then we will cancel and refund the order, You the customer will need to reorder using a correct credit card, make sure your credit card and card address matches, make sure you use the correct shipping address and card address, IP address must match the credit card address, make sure you use the correct security code (CVV) on the card, We save all information and IP address to help the the fight aginst fraud and misuse of credit card information, all information obtained will be turned over to authoritys. 

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