Fraud Prevention Policy

Fraud Prevention Notice:

At our store, we take fraud prevention seriously to ensure the security of our customers and maintain the integrity of our platform. To enhance our efforts in identifying potential fraudulent orders, we leverage Shopify’s advanced fraud analysis tools. These tools utilize machine learning algorithms trained on historical transactions across all Shopify stores, providing us with valuable insights and recommendations.

Fraud Prevention Measures:

  1. Order Analysis: Shopify's fraud analysis assesses orders for potential risks, considering various factors such as transaction history and patterns. This analysis helps us identify high-risk orders that may be susceptible to fraudulent activities.

  2. Cancellation and Refund: Orders flagged as high risk by the fraud analysis system will be canceled and refunded. Customers are encouraged to reorder using accurate and matching credit card information, including the correct billing and shipping addresses.

  3. Customer Verification: To mitigate potential risks, customers are advised to ensure that their credit card information aligns with the correct billing and shipping addresses. IP addresses are monitored, and correct security codes (CVV) must be used during transactions.

  4. Information Retention: We retain relevant information, including IP addresses, to aid in the fight against fraud and the misuse of credit card information. In cases of confirmed fraudulent activities, all gathered information will be turned over to the appropriate authorities.

Customer Cooperation:

We appreciate the cooperation of our customers in maintaining a secure shopping environment. By following best practices in providing accurate and matching information, customers contribute to the effectiveness of our fraud prevention measures.

Authority Cooperation:

In cases of confirmed fraud, we cooperate fully with authorities to ensure appropriate actions are taken against those involved in fraudulent activities.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.