Shipping Disputes and Damages

We make every attempt to ship your parts the same day we get the order, If there is any problem we will reach out to you, Remember we do not own UPS, USPS or any delivery company so if there is a problem with your order we will work with the Shipping company to locate or replace your HVAC Parts. I know it gets frustrating when a delivery gets damaged or lost in transit we have it happen to us as well, When you encounter a problem please notify us ASAP so we can start the paperwork to file a claim with the shipper. 

Please track your order and if you see any problem along the way let us know! When responding please use your Order number so we can reference who picked packaged, shipped your part, we have too many customers with the same last names it wastes our time looking though many lists of orders from the day with just a name. 

NOTE: Don't get mad at us for damage or shipping issue we are here to help you resolve the problem along with the Shipping company, Be polite and professional gets you way further than getting upset and typing us a angry email. We want you to be satisfied with our parts and shipping, 

We have the right to refuse business to anyone, and your name address and email will be blocked from ordering from any of our websites. 

Please stay calm and we will get it fixed for you.