2020 Surviving Tough Times and Hardship!

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2020 Surviving Tough Times and Hardship!

I wanted to let you all know your not alone! Everyone in the USA is encountering the toughest times and hardship seen in decades, It doesn't matter who you are or what scale your on, we are all dealing with it. This year I have sat up late hours sometimes only getting an hour or two of sleep helping people in need, I take call after call from people with our equipment in their mobile home and talking to them to guide them how to fix or determine what the problem is to get their heat back up and going, I have talked to hundreds of Dad's with a broken furnace and cant afford to call a repair man because they lost their job or have been Ill or staying at home with the family and have lost heat and come to our website for technical help. I hear it over and over "My furnace wont run and my wife and kids are getting cold" They get me their model number and we look up parts to fix what they need to get going, a lot of times we can make a temporary fix to get them heat until the new part has arrived. I know the feeling! I have been there. It makes me feel good knowing I can help a family in need, I tell people all the time you don't always have to use OEM products, (Original Equipment Manufacture)  There are original parts from the factory and aftermarket parts, most of the time they are exactly the same for 1/2 the cost and both have the same 1 year warranty,  And "cost" right now in the middle of a pandemic and hardship financially with families is a BIG thing, Yes we need heat to stay warm but we also need food on the table and medicine to get us well again. 

Everyday I get up and enjoy helping the people get their equipment up and going, That's what keeps me marching forward, We will get through this together, If you know someone with a furnace problem send them to our page and we can find the parts crunch the numbers see what they need and get them going again, Its not about MONEY its about survival... Stay warm, Stay Safe, and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Coleman HVAC Parts! 

Thanks for reading!! Use ( John 3:16 ) as promo code for free shipping. 

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