Drip Pan inspection A-Coil Condensate drain pan.

Posted by Darin DeVries on

Condensate drain pans need to be checked in the cooling season to make sure they are not cracked / leaking or overflowing, On mobile homes the A coil will sit at the very bottom of the furnace, you will need to take the doors off to get a good look inside, inspect the A-Coil to make sure it is clean and not full of dirt and animal hair, If dirty lightly vacuum or use a coil cleaner to spray on and rinse clean. Inspect the plastic tray for cracks or signs that it might be leaking.

A cracked or leaking drain pan can cause major damage to equipment and sub-floors, If its a small crack you can fix with Silicone or FLEX SEAL and buy you some time but keep an eye on it! 

Inspect that the water (condensation) is going down the drain tube attached to the tray, If the drain is plugged you can use compressed air to blow in the drain line to get it back open and flowing again. 

If you need to change out your drain pan make sure you order the correct size that fits your coil, slide the A-Coil up about 2 inches above the pan and slide the old pan out and slide the new pan back in and re-connect the drain line, Be very carful not to kink the copper Freon lines going to the outdoor A/C unit. 

Any questions along the way we are here to help you just email us at aberdeenrvparts@gmail.com 


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