Does Your Pilot light keep going out?

Posted by Darin DeVries on

We have fielding a lot of calls lately about the pilot light in the furnace or water heater keeps blowing out, It so annoying especially when your gone at work and come home to a freezing cold house or in the middle of the night you wake up to the house being at 45F and your trying to find the long lighter or matches to get the heat back on.  We have a solution to your problem! 

785-001 Robertshaw automatic pilot relight kit

785-001 Robertshaw automatic pilot relight kit

Universal pilot light re-ignitor kit automatic lights pilots that blow out. Operates on either 120 or 24 volt. Instructions show hooking up both power sources, but we'd recommend only hooking up 1 power source. Includes bracket for connecting sparker near pilot light. Removing burner/pilot assembly and drilling screw holes may be required. Also includes 105C appliance wire and ends (not shown) for connecting ignitor to power. This is an after-market part. Although frequently added to all types of appliances with pilot lights such as furnaces, water heaters, space heaters, dryers, stoves etc. When the pilot goes blows out the re-light kit starts sparking to re-light the gas before the thermocouple detects no flame so it never misses a beat the pilot flame is always ready to go when the thermostat calls for heat.  


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