7710-3281 Coleman Fan Switch 105/85F F105-20F

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7710-3281 Coleman Fan Switch 105/85F F105-20F

Size 60T82. S1-7710-3281 

Replaces 7710-328 & 201707.

The 7710-3281 Coleman Fan Switch is a fan and limit switch used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Let’s break down the details:

  • Part Number: 7710-3281
  • Function: Fan and limit switch
  • Temperature Ratings:
    • Closes (Turns On) at: 105°F
    • Opens (Turns Off) at: 85°F
  • Equivalent Part Numbers:
    • Replaces 7710-328 and 201707
    • Also known as F105-20F
  • Size: 60T82

This switch is commonly used in Coleman, York, Luxaire, and Evcon HVAC equipment. If you need a replacement or are working on solar heating projects, the 7710-3281 F105-20F Coleman fan switch is a reliable choice