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BVD0278-00 Ventline 2-speed 100cfm rangehood motor.

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Ventline 120V 100 cfm direct wire range hood exhaust fan motor. Model 2S-67J3. 2 speed. Mounting bolts measure 1-7/8" apart. Motor turns counterclockwise when viewing from the back (which can be reversed). Splined shaft measures 3/16" diameter x 1-1/4" long. Pushes onto numerous wheels or blades including those blades which fit on a flat-sided shaft. Three wires - red, white and blue. White is common, red is high, blue is low. Rotation is reversible by removing the two bolts and armature and reinstall it on the opposite side of the stack. Also known as part number 520088. Replaces model 67J3 1-speed motor # BVD0275-00. When replacing the 1-speed motor, use the white and red wires. Cap the blue wire.

Also replaces 2-speed model BVD0276-00.