Goodman HSI control board PCBBF112S

PCBBF112S Goodman HSI control board

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Hot surface ignition board measures 4-1/2" x 5-7/8". Includes 3 amp fuse. Board contains 12 wire terminals, 2 park terminals and a 12-pin plug. Also 6 screws for thermostat wires.

Used on the following units: GCS904053BXA, GCS90703BXA, GCS90904CXA, GDS80904BNA,BXA, GMS80903BNA, GMS80904BNA, GMS80905CNA, GMS80905CXA, GMS81155CNA, GMS81405DNA, GMS90453BXA, GMS90703BXA, GMS90904CXA, GMS91155DXAS80905CNA, GMS80453ANA, GMS80453AXA, GMS80703ANA, GMS81155CXA & GMS8070.

Number on board is 1165-83-300A. Also known as part number PCBBF112 and 0130F00005S.

Diagnostic Flash Codes
1 flash - Lockout due to excessive retries.
2 - Pressure switch stuck closed.
3 - Pressure switch stuck open.
4 - Open limit switch.
5 - Flame has been sensed when no flame should be present.
6 - Open rollout switch.
7 - Low flame signal.
Continues flash - Reversed 115VAC polarity.
Off - No power or internal control failure, replace board.
On - Normal operation.
Note: The LED will also flash once at power up.