PCBBF107S Goodman HSI control board

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Control board measures 5.75" x 7.5". Board includes a 3-amp fuse and 4-pin wiring harness. For applications using 2-speed inducer, 2-stage gas valve, hot surface 120V ignitor, vairable speed circulator blower motor, electronic air cleaner & humidifier. Used on the following units: GMV90704CXA, GMV90905DXA, GMV91155DXA, GMV950453BX, GMV950453BXAB, GMV950453BXBA, GMV950453BXBB, GMV950453BXA, GMV950453BXA, GMV950704CX, GMV950704CXAB, GMV950704CXBA, GMV950704CXBB, GMV950704CXA, GMV950704CXA, GMV950905DX, GMV950905DXBA, GMV950905DXBB, GMV950905DXA & GMV950905DXA.
Also known as part number B1809927, B18099-27, B1809927S, PCBBF106S, PCB00106 & PCBBF106.

Diagnostic Flash Codes
1 flash - Lockout due to excessive retries.
2 - Low stage pressure switch stuck closed.
3 - Low stage pressure switch stuck open.
4 - Open high limit.
5 - Flame detected without gas valve.
6 - Not used.
7 - Low flame signal.
8 - Check igniter or improper ground.
9 - High stage pressure switch stuck open.
Continues flash - Reversed 115VAC polarity or check ignitor.
Off - No power or internal control failure, replace board.
On - Normal operation.