flame sensor LH33WXZ517 Carrier Bryant Payne

LH33WZ517 Flame Sensor for Carrier Bryant Payne OEM

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Replacement flame sensor with a 105 degree bend (15 degrees off of 90).  Measurement from mounting flange to the bend is 2-3/16".  Measurement from the bend to the tip is 1-3/4".  Mounting hole is at approximately the 2 o'clock position. 

Sends a signal to the control board that a flame is present.  With no signal, the gas valve will shut off.  When the board indicates a weak signal from the flame sensor, sometimes simply cleaning the flame sensor with fine steel wool (not sand paper) will revive it.  

Replaces LH680012, LH680014, LH33WZ511, LH33WZ515 & LH33WZ517.  Typically used in Carrier Bryant Payne Day & Night units.