Universal large ignitor board with spade plug connector RV 12V UIB L post Dinosaur

UIB L Dinosaur RV universal 12V large ignitor board with spade connector

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Not sure which board you need? Read everything below the dashed line.

Dinosaur UIB S Post universal 12V small 3.50" x 4.25" ignitor board with spark plug post connector. The board comes ready for use in furnaces or a jumper on the board can be cut to make the board instant fire for use in refrigerators or water heaters. For Atwood water heaters, Norcold and Servel¨ refrigerators. Instructions included.

In the world of RV ignitor circuit control boards, there's really only 4 types and it's easy to tell which type you need without the need to cross-reference numbers and brands. Ignitor boards are found in furnaces, water heaters & some fridges. Many fridges tend to use a more complicated control board.

The main purpose of an ignitor board is to turn on the gas valve, send a spark to light the burner then ensure that the burner is lit by sensing the flame. If the board does not sense the flame, it shuts down the gas valve.

How do you know if you have an ignitor board? If your board has one wire coming from a tall terminal and one harness connected to the side, you have an ignitor board.

As mentioned, there's 4 kinds of RV ignitor boards and it's easy to tell which one you have. The boards come in 2 sizes, small and large. The single wire coming from the tall terminal is either connected like a spark plug (post) or with a spade connector. That's it.

In a nutshell, to figure out which ignitor board you need, simple measure the board and look how the single wire is connected (spade or spark plug).

Board 0310-1300 is a small 3.25" x 4.25" board with a spade connector.
Board 0310-1306 is a large 3.50" x 5.10" board with a spade connector.
Board 0310-1309 is a small 3.25" x 4.25" board with a spark plug connector.
Board 0310-1303 is a large 3.50" x 5.10" board with a spark plug connector.

If you need a 24VAC ignitor board found in many Park Models, order 0310-1312.

If your ignitor board appears to have two extra wires, then most likely it has a built-in fan control and you will need to order 0310-1474.

Boards have a 3-year exchange warranty which is the best in the business! Boards cannot be returned once installed but can be exchanged if they fail within the 3-year warranty period.