L170F Duo-Therm manual limit 3-6748 is substituted to 3L02-200

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The L170 is no longer made you will recieve a 3L02-200 60T15 manual limit switch.

Controls, Temperature, 200 degrees F Fixed Cut-out Temperature, Open on Rise Switch Action, Snap Disc Manual Reset Limit Switch (60T15-330538)

L170F. Contacts open at 170F and can only be reset if the button is pushed. Replaces Duo-Therm 3-2072, 3-14548-002, 3-8459, 20611L6-192, 3-6748 size 60T14 and 3-8459. Klixon. 

Other markings on the switch are: F77-6355, 330535 & A0844.

This is also the replacement for the L160 manual limit switch 3-5155 or 334534, F77-6354, A1446 size 60T15.