HS33247 replacement time delay relay sequencer H1-24 C15-75

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Click to watch how a sequencer works ----> https://youtu.be/5YjL8eR5VJ0

Packard HS33247 heat sequencer relay has 1 timing and 1 switch. 24V power into bottom terminals activates (closes) top terminals 1 & 3 in 1-24 seconds (H1-24). When 24V to the bottom terminals stops, then terminals 1 & 3 open in 15-75 seconds (C15-75)..

This time-delay sequencer/relay is typically used to switch motors to a different speed. Connect the common wire to terminal 1. Connect the wire of the starting speed (typically low speed) to terminal 2. Connect the wire of the next speed (typically high speed) to terminal 3.

Again, please note that when switch is not activated, terminals 1 and 2 are closed and terminals 1 and 3 are open. Upon activation, terminals 1 and 2 will open in about 20 seconds therefore closing terminals 1 and 3. When the switch is deactivated, 25-75 seconds later terminals 1 and 3 open and terminals 1 and 2 close.

Replaces , 22347, Klixon COM-21, Klixon 60000Com-21, Mars 33247, White Rodgers 24A34-15, Diversitech DGS108, Gemline GS108, Napco NS247 .