F92-0659 White Rodgers gas valve LP conversion kit

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92-0659 LP gas valve conversion kit (ie just a spring) used to convert White Rodgers gas valve to LP.

Converts models 36C, 36D, 36EF, 36G, 36H & 36J series single stage valves to LP.

Also converts 36G, 36H & 36J series two-stage gas valves to LP.
For fast and slow open combination gas valves with field adjustable regulator only.

Also used to convert Coleman gas valves S1-02538979000, 025-38979-000, S1-32544123000, 325-44123-000, S1-32537426000, 325-37426-000, 36C03-433, 36E29-202 and 7700-3561.

Replaces part # 92-0659, 37-5379F & 37-5379E.