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B1340020S Goodman 5.5" Blower Motor 1/2HP 115V 3-Speed

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Goodman blower motor. 115V, 1/2 hp, 1075RPM, 7.80A, 3 speed. Motor measures 5.5" diameter x 5" long. Shaft measures 1/2" x 3.75". Rotates counterclockwise when viewing from the back of the motor (CCWLE). Requires a 10MFD/370V run cap POCF10A (not included).

Wiring: brown to run cap, white to common, black to high, blue/orange to medium & red to low.

Used on the following units: GUN/GUS (75-100), GMP (75-125-3), GDT (090-120), GMNT080-4, GMNT100-4, GMT070-4A, GMT090-4A, GMT090-5A, GMT115-5A & GMTH045-3.

Also known as part number B13400-20S, B13400-20, 5KCP39KG & 5KCP39KGT785S.