B1256558 Goodman 5KW 1-pole sequencer H10-20 C30-70

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Sequencer with one switch. 10-20 seconds on (H10-20), 30-70 (C30-70) seconds off. Bottom terminals are 24V.

Click to watch how a sequencer works ----> https://youtu.be/5YjL8eR5VJ0

Used on the following 5,000KW units: AE24-05, AE30-05, HKR, HW18-05 & AE24-05 and others.

Also known as part number or replaces L39-276, 309561, BT1256500, B126551, B12565-58 & B12565-51. The timings on the old sequencer that this one replaces were H10-20 and C30-70.