985S-MC Leak Armor Flex Shot Master Care

985S-MC Leak Armor Flex Shot Master Care

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985S-MC Leak Armor Flex Shot 

Contents: 1 Hose  (hose contains chemical to be injected) Flex Shot™ LeakArmor™ 0.3 oz per hose, 1 hose per pack for use with IA-MC inject adapters

Fittings can be reused 10,000 times 

  • Single use leak sealant and moisture scavenger in easy to use cartridge
  • No tools or gauges required
  • No call backs - seals leaks up to 300 microns
  • Patented reusable "Push Button" delivery system – fills in less than 10 seconds
  • Easy fasten injection tool made of durable anodized aluminum and tested up to 100 injections
  • Works with all compressors, heat pumps & condensers
  • Won't interfere with manifold gauges, TXVs, pistons or cap tubes

The MasterCareTM FLEX SHOTTM hose paired with the MasterCare Inject Adapters provide a complete installation solution. Follow the steps below for usage.


. Unscrew the red fitting from the blue fitting. 2. Thread and hand tighten the red push-button valve onto one end of single-use hose. 3. Thread and hand tighten the blue low loss fitting onto other end of same hose. 4. Ensure the system is running. 5. Connect the red valve to the high side service port. 6. Connect the blue fitting to the low side service port. 7. Press and hold red button for 3-5 seconds to inject product. 8. Once hose is empty, disconnect red valve from system. 9. Remove blue fitting from system. 10. Detach fittings and discard hose. 11. Screw blue and red fittings together and place in pouch. Note: The hoses that come in the kit are designed for use with DiversiTech specified fittings.

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