904502 Nordyne CMF 5.5" blower motor 3-speed 115V 1/3hp 3-speed

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904502 Nordyne has been discontinued the exact cross below but you will need to use the old motor mounting bracket. 

Exact cross reference motors:

S1-FHM3585, Emerson 1864, Century Motors DL1036, Fasco D727, Fasco 3585, Marathon Motor X002, Parallel 81346

3-speed 1/3hp 115V motor used in many Nordyne CMF & CMF2 furnaces with a/c. 1075RPM, 6.0A, 48Y frame. Shaft size 1/2" x 4.5". Housing 5.5" diameter X 4.25" deep. Rotation is counter clockwise when looking from the back of the motor (CCWLE). Wiring: black-high, blue-medium, red-low, white-common, brown-run caps.

Requires 5/370V run cap PRCF5A (not included). Replaces 902127, 621323, 6213230, 622236 & 6222360. Or consider purchasing our less expensive S88-546 generic motor ONLY if you can reuse your existing mounting band. Some rewiring may be required.