S1-7990-319P Coleman control board.

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Sometimes referred to as a circuit board or ignition control. For a spare or replacement fuse, order a 3A fuse G32-189 found below.

Replaces 7956-319, 7956-319P, 7990-318, 7990-318/A, 7990-318P, 7990-318P/A & 7990-319. 7990-319P

Diagnostic Flash Codes
Steady light on - normal operation.
One flash - ignition failure.
Two flashes - combustion air switch stuck closed.
Three flashes - combustion air switch failed to close.
Four flashes - limit switch open.
Five flashes - gas valve energized with no call for heat.
Rapid flashing - reversed polarity.
Note: Color of light is green.

The 2-minute video below illustrates how this board controls the operation of your furnace: