3-speed blower assembly Coleman 120V 1/2HP 7900-6051/C

7900-6051/C Coleman blower 3-speed assembly 120V 1/2hp

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7900-6051/C Coleman blower 3-speed assembly 120V 1/2hp

NOTE: when receiving a new blower unit the blower wheel will need to be adjusted and centered on the motor shaft and remove cardboard packing. They ship from the factory with the blower wheel pushed to the one side of the blower unit to keep the blower wheel in round position 

to adjust loosen square head locking bolt and slide the blower wheel to the center of the motor shaft and make sure you have equal clearance on both sides of the blower assembly. 

120V 3-speed A/C blower assembly for gas furnaces. Used with 3.5-4.0 ton air conditioners.

If you are looking for a replacement blower assembly for the Coleman 7600 series furnaces, this is a drop-in replacement. It will replace the old blower assembly with the included adapter plates. For units with air conditioners, you may have to add a transformer to the outside unit as the condenser units had the transformer in them during that era.

Blower assembly includes the following parts: 9-pin male molex plug, 1468-235P/A 3-speed 1/2hp motor, 026-36293-000 12x7 blower wheel, 8680-5391 motor clamp, 2702-4091 rubber motor mounts & 3.5/370V POCF7-5A run cap. Housing measures 16" high. Bottom of housing measures 11.5 wide" x 15.5" deep (lip included in measurement). S1-7900-6051/C