29-785001 Robertshaw automatic pilot relight kit 785-001

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Robertshaw automatic pilot relight kit, Universal pilot light reignitor kit automatic lights pilots that blow out. Operates on either 120 or 24 volt. Instructions show hooking up both power sources, but we'd recommend only hooking up 1 power source. Includes bracket for connecting sparker near pilot light. Removing burner/pilot assembly and drilling screw holes may be required. Also includes 105C appliance wire and ends (not shown) for connecting ignitor to power. This is an after-market part. Although frequently added to all types of appliances with pilot lights such as furnaces, water heaters, space heaters, dryers, stoves etc, most manufacturers do not recommmend using after-market add-ons and will general void any warranty. Replaces 7700AAF526 For info and instructions, click here.

Works well with Q345A1305