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BL6414 universal 5" blower motor multi-horse 115V 3-speed CCWLE

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AO Smith 115V 3-speed 5" diameter motor. Turns counter clockwise when viewing from the back (CCWLE). 42Y frame size. 115V, 6.5A, 1050RMP. 1/2 x 5.5" shaft, sleeve bearing. No run cap required.

red - low, 1/10hp at 3.0A
blue - medium, 1/8hp at 4.0A
black - high, 1/5hp at 6.5A
white - common.

Resiliant rings for mounting or use a mounting band (not included).

Also known as part number D-30, 319P852, 70852 & 024-31433-000.