62-22868-93 Replacement hot surface ignitor 106-1411

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Packard IG1411 universal 120V replacement ignitor with 5.5" leads and plug replaces igniters for Rheem, Amana, Lennox, Trane and others as listed below.

Included bracket used when replacing part number Trane B340039P01, Rheem 62-22868-82 and Norton 271N. Otherwise the bracket is normally not needed.

Replaces Amana 340039P01, Gemline IG408, Lennox 98P78, Mars 67981, Norton 271N, Packard IG1408, Rheem 62-22868-82, 62-22868-92, 62-22441-01, & 62-22868-02, Trane B340039P01 & IGN-0034, Starlite 11120-100-1408, Robertshaw Uni-Line 41-408, 41-411, Surface Igniter FC062KL, SUPCO SIG408 and Whirlpool 99794328.

1-year replacement warranty. You deal with us for a quick warranty replacement, not the manufacturer.

For the same ignitor but built with more durable silicon, see part # IG1411N.