5000 Mobile Home Tub and Shower patch kit. Crack repair Plastic or Fiberglass

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Mobile Home Tub and Shower patch kit. Crack repair Plastic or Fiberglass

The best on the market, Use caution once this is applied there is no removing it! Super sticky. 

Cracked tub / Shower Repair kit is a 6"X12" piece of water tight material to seal cracks on plastic or fiberglass tubs and showers, comes with easy do it yourself instructions for your at home projects.

MicroSealant® Technology

MicroSealant® Technology are specially-formulated sealants that form a stable molecular structure that is light, heat and ozone resistant. This formulation consists of synthetic polymers with a built-in primer and wide-temperature resistance that forms an instant bond to most substrates that creates a waterproof seal.

Quick Fix Tub Repair Kit


Directions :

Clean area with sanding cloth.

Wipe down area with alcohol to. remove dust and dirt. Let dry                                                                                               

 Tub Repair Kit

Easy Homeowner Patch Kit

  1. Drill a small hole at each end of the crack to stop it from spreading
  2. Sand the area to be patched                                                                   
   3. Clean the area to be patched and let dry                                               
   4. Cut the patch with a pair of scissors 2" longer then the crack            
    5. Apply the patch. Rub real hard. Use a hair dryer on low Just warm it
    6. let sit for at least 12 hours prior to use                                                   
    7. Place a bath mat over the patched area                                                  
Try not to step on the area of the crack or take a bath with a patched tub

The goal here is to stop the leaking until the tub can be replaced   

This is not intended to be a pretty or permanent repair but it will
stop the leaking until the tub can be replaced.

If the crack is longer than 6 inches or is located around the drain
we do not advise using this patch.