5 MFD 370-440V oval high quality metal run capacitor USA made

5 MFD 370-440V oval high quality metal run capacitor USA made

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Heavy duty oval-shaped run capacitor holds electrical charge to help start motor. 5.0 MFD, 370 or 440 volts.

This is a high-quality run capacitor that is made in the USA. Motors and compressors are expensive. Why trust them to a cheaper, lesser-quality run capacitor? Run capacitor technology is changing. Capacitors are becoming physically smaller and whether your capacitor is rated at 370 or 440 volts, this capacitor will work for both.

Replaces Packard POC5A, TOC5, TOCF5, 12029 & 12929. Also replaces Nordyne part 01-0001, 01-0041, 621350 & 620273, Coleman 6936-3131, 1499-342, 1499-3421, 1499-442, 1499-4421, 024-25295-000, 024-21057-000, 024-25595-700, 024-25295-700, 024-21653-000, 024-21057-700, 024-20042-000, 024-18792-000, 024-12098-000, 024-20043-000 & 024-20043-700, 103698004, G21-930, among many others including other brands.

​This Titan HD capacitor is the one used by professionals and technicians because they are reliable and long-lasting. Can size for this capacitor is 1.25" deep x 2.00" wide x 1.56" high. This may be a different physical size (probably smaller) than the capacitor you are replacing and that's perfectly OKAY. Just be sure the MFD's and voltage match up