S1-031-03010-000 Coleman Integrated Control Board

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S1-031-03010-000 Coleman integrated control board 

S1-031-03010-000 replaces S1-031-01972-100 

Single stage Coleman circuit board. Includes control board 331-02956-000 does not include wiring harness adapters.


Replaces part number 2702-382, 2702-382P, 2702-380, 2702-380P, 2702-310, 2702-310/A, 2702-310P/A, 2702-382, 2702-382P/A, 031-09167-000, 025-37014-000, 025-37015-000, 031-01933-000, 031-01267-000, 031-01267-001, 031-00662-000, 031-01250-000, 031-01266-000, 031-01284-000, 031-01973-000, 031-01972-000, 035-17344-000, 035-17344-001, 473-23151-000 & 473-01972-100. 265901 & 265902.

Also replaces S1-03109167000, S1-03101933000, S1-03101267000, S1-03101267001, S1-03100662000, S1-03101250000, S1-03101266000, S1-03101284000, S1-03101973000 & S1-03101972000, P031–01267–001

Diagnostic fault codes are as follows:

Slow green - normal operation-  NORMAL 
Slow amber - normal operation with call for heat -  NORMAL 
Steady on red - control failure - Replace control board
Rapid red - twinning error, incorrect 24V phasing- Transformer low voltage wires
Rapid amber - low flame sense current - Clean Flame Sensor with steel wool 
1 red flash - flame present with gas off - Bad Gas valve leaking change gas valve
2 red flashes - pressure switch stuck closed - Bad pressure switch replace 
3 red flashes - pressure switch stuck open- Bad pressure switch replace 
4 red flashes - limit switch open / open fuse - Check manual limits push to reset 
5 red flashes - rollout switch open / open fuse -Check manual limits push to reset 
6 red flashes - pressure switch cycle lockout - Bad pressure switch or inducer air flo
7 red flashes - ignition lockout due to retries - Hot sureface igniter or flame sensor
8 red flashes - ignition lockout due to recycles-Hot sureface igniter or flame sensor
9 red flashes - grounding or line polarity fault- Ground wire on furnace or elec box 
10 red flashes - gas flow with no call for heat - Faulty gas valve
11 read flashes - limit switch open - Blower failure - Reset manual limit on blower
4 amber flashes - Y present with no G call- Check Thermostat wires 

To retrieve fault codes, push and release the LAST ERROR button. The LED will flash up to five stored fault codes beginning with the most recent. If there are no fault codes in memory, the LED will flash two green flashes.

To clear the fault code memory, push and hold the LAST ERROR button for at least five seconds. The LED will flash three green flashes when the memory has been cleared.

  1. Green Flashes:

    • One green flash: Normal operation with no call for heat (thermostat not requesting heat).
    • Two green flashes: No error codes stored in memory.
    • Three green flashes: Memory cleared after pressing the LAST ERROR button.
    • Rapid green flash: Used during factory testing.
  2. Amber Flashes:

    • One amber flash: Normal operation with a call for cooling (thermostat requesting cooling).
    • Two amber flashes: Normal operation with a call for heat (thermostat requesting heat).
    • Three amber flashes: Normal operation; wall thermostat temperature fulfilled, furnace burner ending cycle.
    • Four amber flashes: Possible restriction in the circulating air system affecting heating capability.
    • Five amber flashes: Restriction in the vent or combustion air system reducing heating capability.
    • Rapid amber flash: Possible low flame due to a dirty or mispositioned low flame sensor rod.
  3. Red Flashes: