431-01972-100 Coleman integrated control board

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Single stage Coleman circuit board. Includes control board 331-02956-000 and wiring harness adapters.

If you do not need the wiring harness adapters, then you can save some money by ordering just the board, part # 331-02956-000.

Replaces part number 2702-382, 2702-382P, 2702-380, 2702-380P, 2702-310, 2702-310/A, 2702-310P/A, 2702-382, 2702-382P/A, 031-09167-000, 025-37014-000, 025-37015-000, 031-01933-000, 031-01267-000, 031-01267-001, 031-00662-000, 031-01250-000, 031-01266-000, 031-01284-000, 031-01973-000, 031-01972-000, 035-17344-000, 035-17344-001, 473-23151-000 & 473-01972-100. 265901 & 265902.

Also replaces S1-03109167000, S1-03101933000, S1-03101267000, S1-03101267001, S1-03100662000, S1-03101250000, S1-03101266000, S1-03101284000, S1-03101973000 & S1-03101972000.

Diagnostic fault codes are as follows:

Slow green - normal operation
Slow amber - normal operation with call for heat
Steady on red - control failure
Rapid red - twinning error, incorrect 24V phasing
Rapid amber - low flame sense current
1 red flash - flame present with gas off
2 red flashes - pressure switch stuck closed
3 red flashes - pressure switch stuck open
4 red flashes - limit switch open / open fuse
5 red flashes - rollout switch open / open fuse
6 red flashes - pressure switch cycle lockout
7 red flashes - ignition lockout due to retries
8 red flashes - ignition lockout due to recycles
9 red flashes - grounding or line polarity fault
10 red flashes - gas flow with no call for heat
11 read flashes - limit switch open - blower failure
4 amber flashes - Y present with no G call

To retrieve fault codes, push and release the LAST ERROR button. The LED will flash up to five stored fault codes beginning with the most recent. If there are no fault codes in memory, the LED will flash two green flashes.

To clear the fault code memory, push and hold the LAST ERROR button for at least five seconds. The LED will flash three green flashes when the memory has been cleared.

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