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TQS5 TorQStart hard start kit 43-52 MFD 115-227V 300% Boost.

Sale price $ 19.21 Regular price $ 23.05

Hard-start kit with relay will increase start-up torque up to 300%.
Increases compressor or low voltage.
For all permanent split capacitor, single phase air conditioning and heat pump systems.
Wired with "Piggy-Back" terminals for easy installation on run capacitors.
For all PSC single-phase motors 115 volts thru 227 volts.
For all air conditioning compressors 1/2 to 5 HP. Mounts easily with either screw or clip.

Installation instructions:
No wiring changes necessary, just be sure your unit is not already using a hard start kit. Connect two wires from this hard start device in parallel with the run capacitor with one wire on each set of terminals. If all the terminals on the run capacitor are used, then use piggy-back terminals to make the connection. If boosting the compressor, connect only to the run capacitor for the compressor. For dual-run caps, connect to the common (C) terminal and the compressor (H or Herm) terminal. It doesn't matter which wire connects to which terminal.

Volts: 115-227
Compressor Rating BTU: 4,000 thru 60,000
Compressor Rating HP: 1/2 thru 5