36" Outdoor Exterior Removable Shower Curtain Rod / Emergency Shower Enclosure

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36" Outdoor Exterior Removable Shower Curtain Rod / Emergency Shower Enclosure

 Outside portable shower curtain rod.  Hangs on any wall.  Simply screw the super-duty brackets to the wall and slip the shower rod into the bracket.    Rod easily removes without tools.   Brackets stay.  Rod measures 36" wide x 36" deep. 

If you have an exterior shower faucet on the side of your home or pool house add this shower rod and a curtain for some extra privacy.  

Easily attaches to the outside of a cabin or house or shop.  Or install near the pool or on the back deck or by the beach.  Works great for a simple temporary quick changing room for stages, theatres, ballets, dance studios and theaters.  We have sold many of these to manufacturing plants and chemical warehouses to use and an emergency shower wash station. 

Solid galvanized ETM construction will prevent rust.  The finish is not shiny and bright, but it'll easily handle being bumped around in storage with no scuffs and scrapes.  Or can be spray-painted using a quality exterior metal paint.  The rod can be used for indoors or outdoors   

For best results, brackets need to be mounted into a solid material. 

Built in the USA!  Curtain and curtain-hooks not included.  Custom sizes can be made in about a week. More photos coming soon. Utility Patent in use.