3500-5821/A Coleman A/C control box 2-wire NLA = No longer Available

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OBSOLETE No longer available, THIS IS PARTS ONLY BOX INCLUDES. replacement parts are as follows

 40VA transformer (3300-3861), thermostat relay (PR360), 24V fan relay (PR380), system switch (3110-3321), fan switch (3110-3331). NO METAL BOX 

OPTION at bottom

2-wire control box package used when adding a/c to a 3500 or EB series downflow electric furnace that is not a/c equipped. Used with a 2-wire thermostat (not included). May be adaptable to older electric furnaces. 
If you need wire bundle order 3500-6161
Replaces 3500-5821 & 3500-582.
Option = You can buy a 4 wire control box Part Number 18400001 Coleman a/c control box 4-wire but you need to change the thermostat wire to 4 wire system in house. 

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