3500-3271 Coleman & Nordyne disconnect assembly 60A-60A-60A-60A 621030

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 Coleman models 3400/3500 20kw thru 23kw and Nordyne FE series

    20 and 23 kw 60/60/60/60 fuse layout.


Disconnect assembly for Coleman and Nordyne. 60-60-60-60 Amp fuse slots Includes plug. Uses four 3" fuses (typically 60A). Plug is no longer available separately. Does not included fuses and mounting screws. Soon to be discontinued.

In some electric furnaces only 2 power wires feed the disconnect; whereas some units have 4 power wires. In the case of 2 power wires, the adapters which split the power into 2 poles must be reused (see photos). If your unit does not have the adapters or the adapters are not reusable, then circuit breaker assembly 902514 or equivalent must be ordered as the adapters are no longer available to order.

Replaces 3400B327, 3400B3271, 3500-329, 3500-3291, 3400A327, 3400A3271, 3400-327, 3400-3271, 3500-327, 620526, 6205260 & 621030.