1468-2309 Coleman 5" Blower Motor 1/3HP 115V 3-Speed AKA S1-02436266000

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Motor is the same but now only manufactured as a 2 speed motor

 S1-02436266000 Wire colors are Red - Low speed.  Black - High Speed   White- Neutral and Brown wires are capacitor 

1/3hp blower motor. 115V. 3 speed. 1100 RPM. 5.0A. 1/2" x 3" shaft size. 5" motor diameter x 4" deep housing. Rotation is counter clockwise when looking from the back of the motor (CCWLE). Generally used with furnaces that have A/C. Wires can fit inside most molex plugs. Requires a 7.5/370V oval run capacitor POCF7-5A (not included). Molex pins crimped onto the end of the wires. Pins then snap inside a Molex male plug. Wiring: red-low, black-high, browns to run cap. Replaces 1468-230 & 026-34035-001. If you can not use the Molex plug then cut the plug off and wire nut wires together