S1-031-01932-002 Coleman Integrated Control Board OEM, DGAT, DGAA, DGAH (3 left in stock)

S1-031-01932-002 Coleman Integrated Control Board OEM, DGAT, DGAA, DGAH (3 left in stock)

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S1-031-01932-002 Coleman Integrated Control Board OEM, DGAT, DGAA, DGAH (3 left in stock)

Use with furnace models DGAT, DGAA, DGAH, An others. 

Sometimes referred to as a circuit board or ignition control. For a spare or replacement fuse, order a 3A fuse G32-189 found below.

NOTE: S1-031-01932-002 has 3/16" spade terminals for the tstat connections. use the Diverstech #6281 3/16" female crimp terminal.

Replaces 7990-319Picm28017990-320, 7990-320P, 031-01910-000, 031-01932-000, 031-01932-001, 03101932002 & 031-01932-002, S1-03101910000

Diagnostic Flash Codes

Steady light on - normal operation.
One flash - ignition failure.
Two flashes - combustion air switch stuck closed.
Three flashes - combustion air switch failed to close.
Four flashes - limit switch open.
Five flashes - gas valve energized with no call for heat.
Rapid flashing - reversed polarity.

Note: Color of light is green.

The 2-minute video below illustrates how this board controls the operation of your furnace:

  1. Safety First:

    • Ensure that power to the HVAC system is turned off at the circuit breaker before attempting any installation.
  2. Locate the Control Board:

    • Identify the existing control board in your HVAC system. The integrated control board is often found within the furnace or air handler.
  3. Document Wiring Connections:

    • Before disconnecting any wires, take clear photos or make a diagram of the existing wiring connections on the old control board. This will help you reconnect the wires correctly to the new board.
  4. Power Off and Disconnect:

    • Turn off the power to the HVAC system at the circuit breaker.
    • Disconnect any wiring harnesses or connectors attached to the old control board.
  5. Remove Old Control Board:

    • Carefully remove the old control board from its mounting bracket. This might involve removing screws or other fasteners.
  6. Install New Control Board:

    • Mount the new control board onto the bracket in the same position as the old one.
  7. Connect Wiring:

    • Connect the wires to the corresponding terminals on the new control board based on your documentation.
  8. Double-Check Connections:

    • Double-check all wiring connections to ensure they match your documentation and are secure.
  9. Power On:

    • Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker.
  10. Test System:

    • Test your HVAC system to ensure that it operates correctly. Check for proper heating or cooling, and make sure all components are functioning as expected.

If you have the specific installation instructions provided by Coleman for the S1-031-01932-002 control board, please follow those instructions precisely. If not, consider reaching out to Coleman's customer support or consulting with a professional HVAC technician to ensure a safe and accurate installation.