024-25110-000 Coleman 5.5" Blower Motor 1/2HP 115V 3-Speed

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1075 RPM 3-speed motor, 1/2 hp, 115V, 5.5" diameter, 48 frame. Requires a 7.5/370V oval run capacitor POCF7-5A (not included).

Replaces Coleman S1-02425110700, 024-25110-700 and S1-02425110000. Used in the following Coleman furnaces:
DGD06010UA, DGD06010UB, E1FE012A78A, E1FE018A78A, FC8S100B12DN11A, FC8S100B12UH11A, FC8T100B12DN11A, FC8T100B12UH11A, FG8B05012MU11A,
FG8B05012MU12A, FG8B07512MU11A, FG8B07512MU12A, FL8B10012UH11A, FL8B10012UH11B, FL8S100B12DN11A, FL8S100B12UH11A, FL8T100B12DN11A, FL8T100B12UH11A & G8C05012MDB11A.