Electric Motor Manual Cross Reference

Electric Motor Cross Reference

Some manufactures quit making motors and do not leave us a cross reference to another brand or model so this chart is what the engineers use to pick another brand to match up to use inplace of a no longer available motor.

You need to match match up:  (Example) in parentheses 

Nema Frame type  (42) Must be exact match.

Voltage (220 V)  Must be exact match.

Phase (1 PH)   Must be exact match.

Diameter (1/2")  Must be exact match.

HP  (3/4 HP)  Can Very 

Number Of Speeds  (2) Can Very

Motor Rotation  (CCW)  Must be exact match. You can determine shaft end perspective by simply holding your motor up in front of you and pointing the shaft at you. If the shaft is pointing at you and rotates to the right, your motor is clockwise shaft end, or CWSE. If the shaft rotates to the left, your motor is counterclockwise shaft end, or CCWSE.

Shaft length  (41/4")  Can Very most blower wheels are open hub so extra shaft can hang out the other side of the blower wheel, Or you can cut the excess off.  

Shaft Size Diameter (1/2") Must be exact match.

Single or Double shaft?  Must be exact match.

RPM (1075 RPM)  Can very but try to stay as close as you can to original 

Hope this guide helps you in the event of a motor replacement, If you need more help or have a question please email us colemanhvacparts@gmail.com 



Darin DeVries Owner 

Coleman HVAC Parts Division