3316230.700 Dometic Duo-Therm analog replacement control kit thermostat- white

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Digital Dometic Duo-Therm Brisk 3-button thermostat kit.  Your kit may include a newer updated wall thermostat that looks a little different than pictured.  Replaces analog RV thermostats on many Dometic Duo-Therm air conditioners. If your RV or camper has one furnace and one air conditioner with a 6-pin plug and does NOT have a heat strip or heat pump, then this kit will work for you. A heat kit is different than a furnace. The definition of a heat kit is an electrical element (heat strip) inside your a/c. The definition of a furnace is a separate heating unit.

If your a/c includes a heat strip, then order thermostat kit number 3313189.049 or 3313189.056. If your a/c includes a heat pump, then order thermostat kit number 3313189.023 or 3313189.031.

This kit includes a 3313192.000 white digital thermostat, 3313191.000 relay box, freeze control sensor wire, power wire & mounting screws.

Technician note: As analog thermostats are quickly becoming obsolete, this digital unit will replace the analog thermostat but you must install the relay box included with this thermostat. This kit will operate most any single Dometic Duo-Therm air conditioner with a 6-pin plug and a furnace but before ordering be sure to identify the wires. View the pictures to know which wires you will need to identify to hook into the relay box.

Your new thermostat only needs 3 wires. Since most analog thermostats use more than 3 wires, we get a lot of calls asking which wires are hooked into the new thermostat. Included with the relay box is a 4-wire harness. Three of those wires will connect to your new thermostat. Wire-nut those three wires to three of your existing thermostat wires and mark those wires at the thermostat end. Ignore the other unused thermostat wires. Of the old wires leading to your old analog thermostat, it doesn't matter which three wires you choose.

If you are not sure if your A/C and furnace will adapt to this relay kit, then e-mail us the following: pics of your a/c wiring, your a/c model number, pics of your furnace wiring, your furnace make and model number. Please do not call until you have first e-mailed us the information we've asked. A service charges may apply if you call and are not prepared. You can e-mail them directly to Mark at mobilehomerepair.com@gmail.com.

Kit also contains a freeze control sensor that's used in models 4579, 4591, 4595, 579, 590, 591, 595, 600, 630, 640 & 650. Actually the freeze control sensor will work with any a/c. Just place about an inch into the fins of the evaporator coil as explained in the enclosed instructions. The sensor will help keep your unit from freezing up. Remember, if freezing up is a constant issue, call a service tech to have the problem diagnosed and fixed.

NOTE: If you install the thermostat and it still acts up, then perform a system initialization by following these steps:
Press and hold the '+' button.
Press and hold the 'On/Off Mode' button.
Hold both buttons down for about three seconds until the screen shows a -- --.
Release both buttons and press the 'On/Off Mode' button again to turn system off.
Press 'On/Off Mode' to turn back on. The thermostat has now been reset.

Kit replaces Dometic part # 3107541.009, 3107541.017, 3107541.025, 3107546.008, 3313189.000 3316230.000 among others.

For a replacement thermostat only, see wall thermostat part # 3316250.700 White or 3316250.012 Black