No Longer Available 558165 Mobile home A-coil 2.0 - 3.5 ton sweat connect R22

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No Longer Available  See Substitute S1-S1831 service coil 

R22 mobile home a-coil with TXV valve. Replaces 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 ton down flow R22 A-coils.  Can be used with 10, 12 & 13 seer units including heat pumps. Includes a plastic drip pan with 3/4" drain connection.  Line set is connected via sweat fittings. Dimensions are 19 5/8" long X 18" wide X 18.5" tall. Always double check the dimensions of your coil cabinet before ordering.23rf 

Comes charged with nitrogen but ready for R22 refrigerant (not included.)  The TXV valve is included but not installed, and will need to be installed.  The TXV valve will automatically adjust the flow of R22 freon for the size of your unit.  No orifice required.  However, this coil is shipped with an orifice installed.  Simply remove and discard the installed orifice, then install the TXV valve.  Instructions included, or ask us to install the TXV valve, which will mean the coil will not arrive precharged with nitrogen.  

R-22 coils are quickly being phased out for newer R-410A equipment. If you feel you will soon need to replace your a-coil, order now while they are still available. If your a/c technician tells you that the coils are no longer available, call your technician back and tell them you found a source.

R410A coils also available.

These uncased high-efficiency coils are designed to be installed in new and existing downflow furnaces. Fits Mortex, Nordyne, Intertherm, Miller, Evcon, Coleman, Red T, Vexar and Airpro brands. Leak tested to 500 psi and factory sealed with nitrogen. Rated for use with most outdoor units. Also known as Stylecrest Vexar 1854QA. 1 year replacement warranty.

Note:  Please disregard any pictures showing an a-coil with quick connect fittings.  We are working on updating them.  Coils with quick-connect fittings can be ordered for delivery in 2-3 weeks.