3312020.000 Dometic¨ 10-button Control Kit Relay Box for CCCII Thermostat

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Dometic 3312020.000 Multiple zone Comfort Control Center II thermostat relay control box. For use with 3314082.011 10-button CCCII thermostat. For use with air conditioner series 579, 595, 600, 6308, 520 & 5305. Dometic 3314082.011 thermostat not included. Referred to as a 10 or 12 button relay box. NOTE: After the relay box is replaced and/or thermostat is installed and the dip switches are properly set on the relay boxes, a system reset should be done by performing the following steps:
* Turn thermostat off.
* Simultaneously press and hold the MODE and ZONE buttons.
* Hold until the display reads "IniT and all available zones.
* Release the MODE and ZONE buttons.
* Press the ON/OFF button to exit the system set-up.
* Turn thermostat back on. The reset is done.