3109228.001 Dometic 5-button Comfort Control Center (CCC) RV thermostat

Sale price $ 135.75 Regular price $ 217.68

Dometic Brisk 5-button Comfort Control Center (CCC) thermostat with digital display. For use with the 3109226.005 thermostat control relay kit. Will run up to 4 a/c units.

This 12VDC 5-button thermostat will not replace the obsolete 4-button thermostat.  Refurbished 4-button thermostats can be found on eBay and other websites for $150 or more.

Soon tho this thermostat and relay box 3109226.005 will be obsolete and replaced with the 12-button CCCII programable thermostat 3314082.011 and relay box 3312020.000. If you need to replace this thermostat, you will also have to replace the relay box. If this 3109228.001 thermostat is obsolete and used on a Penguin Low Profile air conditioner, you may have to replace the air conditioner as the 3314082.011 thermostat will not work because the air conditioner contains a circuit board and not a relay box.

A NOTE ABOUT DOMETIC THERMOSTATS. Dometic currently has many styles of thermostats. Soon several styles will become obsolete as they pair their offerings down to just two styles. The first style is a square 3-4 button LCD thermostat used on systems with one air conditioner and a heater. Some versions also have the ability to run a heat pump or heat strips. The second style is a rectangular LCD CCC2 thermostat with an ambient temp sensor and has the ability to control up to 4 air conditioners, furnace, heat strips or heat pump.